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Oil Change


Oil Change Service

Getting routine oil changes is a crucial step in ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your luxury car. Over time, microscopic particles from internal engine components can enter the vehicle’s oil, which can cause wear and damage to the engine. A regular oil change, using quality lubricating oil, will help remove these particles and keep your engine running smoothly.

Technician change oil in the car engine

Oil Change Benefits

Contrary to popular belief, changing your oil every 5,000 miles instead of 3,000 miles can greatly benefit your luxury car. This is due to advances in oil technology and higher-performance lubricating oil. Here are some of the benefits of regular oil changes:

Get Your Oil Change at Lusso Motorsports in Scottsdale

Whether you’re due for a routine oil change, the check engine light has come on, or there’s a factory recall, our expert technicians are here to help. Our oil change service includes:

  • Drain and refill with high-quality lubricating oil
  • Replacement of the engine oil filter
  • Visual brake inspection
  • Check and replenishment of all fluid levels
  • Inspection of belts and hoses
  • Checking interior and exterior lights
  • Perform a thorough 32-point inspection